Challenging collectivities


Thursday, May 31

13:00 Registration & Coffee (Foyer Casino, 1st floor)

13:30 Guided Tour provided by Initiative Studierender am IG Farben Campus

  • On the ‘Civilizing Power of Aesthetics’ – The IG Farben Building, its Past and Present

15:00 Welcome & Opening Address (Casino 1.801)

(Sabine Flick & Jeanette Ehrmann)

15:30 Concurrent Panels

Panel I Biopolitics (Casino 1.801)

Chair: Tino Plümecke

  • Verena Namberger (Free University Berlin): Re-thinking the Racialised Body: On the Materialisation of ‘Race.’
  • Orazio Irrera (Paris VII Denis Diderot): An Environmental Genealogy of Forest Management in India under British Rule (1864 – 1931)
  • Moritz Altenried (Goldsmiths, University of London): The Border as Milieu: On the Spatiality of Biopolitics

Panel II Ontology (Casino 1.802)

Chair: Nadja Meisterhans

  • Felix Trautmann (Goethe University Frankfurt/University of Basel): Material Imaginations. The Critique of Ideology in Louis Althusser’s Aleatory Materialism
  • Josef Barla (University of Vienna): New Materialism, Technology, and the Body: Theorizing Technology-Body Entanglements and Apparatuses of Bodily Production from an Agential Realist Perspective
  • Moritz Hagemann (Goethe University Frankfurt): Opening Hegelian Dialectics to an Irreducible Otherness

17:15 Coffee

18:00 Keynote Address (Casino 1.801)

Prof. Nina Lykke (Unit of Gender Studies, Linköping University):

Feminist Post-Constructionism

Chair: Andreas Folkers

20:00 Reception

Friday, June 1

10:00 Concurrent Panels

Panel III Revolutionary Matter (Casino 1.801)

Chair: Darja Klingenberg

  • Le Zhou (Université Paris Dauphine): Chinese Women in Cultural Revolution: An Experience of Emancipation?
  • Jeanette Ehrmann (Goethe University Frankfurt/Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne): From ‘Algeria Unveiled’ to ‘Topless Warriors’: The Un-/Veiled Woman’s Body as a Revolutionary Matter
  • Alexander Neupert (University Osnabrück): No_body should starve. Physical Needs as an Index for Utopia

Panel IV Fetishes (Casino 1.802)

Chair: Daniel Loick

  • Thomas Telios (Goethe University Frankfurt): Thing, Commodity, Product: Towards a Materialist Politics of Solidarity and Coalition
  • Valentin Badura (Humboldt University Berlin): Towards a Neo-Durkheimian Approach to the Theory of Ideology: Sacralization as Integrative Mechanism
  • Eva Youkhana (University of Bonn): Religious Belonging as Expression for Colonized Transnational Bonds: Latin American Migrants in Madrid

11:45 Coffee

12:15 Concurrent Panels

Panel V The Matter of Revolution (Casino 1.801)

Chair: Julia König

  • Mareike Schwarzwälder (Goethe University Frankfurt): The Potentiality of Revolutionary Action
  • Miguel Candioti (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona): On the Anti-Materialism of Early Italian Marxism
  • Oliver Schupp (University of Siegen): Layers of Communist Memories

Panel VI Things (Casino 1.802)

Chair: Daniel Keil

  • Francesca Caligiuri (Humboldt University Berlin): Adorno’s Reification of Things
  • Elena Lange (University of Zurich): Transcendental Materialism. Contrasting Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Materialist Epistemology with Adorno’s Reading of the Kantian Ding an sich
  • Elmar Flatschart (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna): Between Materialism and Constructivism: The Commodity and its Other

14:00 Lunch

15:15 Concurrent Panels

Panel VII Art (Casino 1.801)

Chair: Sonja Kleinod

  • Martin Tanšek (University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt): Who’s Afraid of the Heterosexual Matrix?
  • Viviana González González (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): The Ontology and Epistemology of Bolívar Echeverría’s Materialistic Approach to Art
  • Peter Müller (University of Potsdam): The Strange Case of the Humans Leaving the Picture
  • Landi Raubenheimer (University of Johannesburg): The Materiality of Relational Artworks

Panel VIII Affectivity (Casino 1.802)

Chair: Sabine Flick

  • Guido Croxatto (Universidad de Buenos Aires): The Law, the Body and Affectivity
  • Filipe Campello (Goethe University Frankfurt): The Social Reality of Affects. A Critical Interpretation in Light of Hegel
  • Till Hilmar (University of Vienna): Storyboards of Remembrance. Representations of the Past in Visitor’s Photography at Auschwitz
  • Dave Mesing (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh): Complicating Utopia: Materialism, Death and Hope

17:30 Coffee

18:00 Keynote Adress (Casino 1.801)

Prof. Gunzelin Schmid Noerr (Hochschule Niederrhein):

The Materiality of Reason. How is Critical Theory still possible today? – Die Materialität der Vernunft. Kann man heute noch Kritische Theorie betreiben?

Chair: Philip Hogh

Saturday, June 2

10:00 Concurrent Panels

Panel IX Space (Casino 1.801)

Chair: Nadine Marquardt

  • Simon Sontowski (University of Zurich): Opening the Black Box of Border Management
  • Sascha Engel (Goethe University Frankfurt): The Rhythm of the World: Toward a General Economy of Spatial Materiality
  • Daniel Keil (Goethe University Frankfurt): Territory and Tradition – Some Notes on the Relation of the Rescaling of Statehood and National Identity
  • Nicolas Schlitz & Katharina Fritsch (University of Vienna): ‘Anormal Bodies’ under Construction – Analysing Viennese Squats

Panel X Translation (Casino 1.802)

Chair: Jeanette Ehrmann

  • Lotte Arndt (Humboldt University Berlin/Paris VII Denis Diderot): Against the Grain of the (Post-)Colonial Museum Archives: Sammy Baloji’s Work on Chief Lusinga’s Skull
  • Franziska Dübgen (Goethe University Frankfurt): Translating Emancipation(s)
  • Tobias Berger (Free University Berlin): Lost in Translation? Transnational Law and Legal Practices in Bangladesh
  • Dina Spörri (University of Bern) & Maya Hatsukano (Goethe University Frankfurt): Translating Vulnerability. (Post-)Colonial Reverberations in the International Climate Change Regime

12:15 Brunch

13:15 Concurrent Panels

Panel XI Body (Casino 1.801)

Chair: Greta Wagner

  • Katharina Fritsch (University of Vienna): Trans-Skin – Skin bleaching as Diasporic Embodiment
  • Anna Petran (University of Vienna): Binge-Drinking in Youth in Neoliberal Society
  • Benjamin Haas (Humboldt University Berlin): Making of Impairment – Material Effects of Disourses on ADHD

Panel XII Economy (Casino 1.802)

Chair: Alexander Brunke

  • Marina Martínez Mateo (Goethe University Frankfurt): Neoliberalism and the Sovereignty of Life. About the Politics of Abortion in Chile
  • Federica Bueti (Journal …ment, Berlin): Kata strephein and the Semiotic Machine of Catastrophe
  • Andreas Folkers (Goethe University Frankfurt): After virtù and fortuna. Foucault and Althusser on the Governmentality of Aleatory Economic Events

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Keynote Adress (Casino 1.801)

Prof. Hanjo Berressem (University of Cologne):

Actual Media | Virtual Media

Chair: Tobias Goll

19:00 End of Conference & Dinner

22:00 IvI Bar Night

Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz [IvI] Frankfurt am Main